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Question & Answer

Answers to common questions asked by neo-pagans.

Is pagan/wiccan a real religion? cult nor joke, it is a way of looking at the world much as Christianity, Buddhism, and Islamic is.  It has been a recognized religion in the United States for decades.  Traditions are emphasized on a respect for nature and a belief that the divine is in everything.  We have a calendar of holidays, and we celebrate them...We develop our relationship with our Gods and Goddesses through prayer, meditation, and spellwork.

Do your worship Satan? Because we worship an endless number of pre-christian deities, we don't believe in the notion of good and evil.  There are only appropriate, and inappropriate actions.  Satanism is NOT a pagan tradition.  Most pagans/wiccans (myself included) take SERIOUS offense at being called Satanists. 

Do your cast spells on people? Some can and do develop skills with spellwork and healing.  But the pagan/wiccan community adheres to a universal ethic...a short form of the Wiccan Rede is, "As it harm none, do as ye will."  Under close inspection, this covers a lot of ground...Killing and robbing, cheating on a lover all fall under this does harming urself through drinking, overeating and the like...and imposing your will through spellwork on another person.  Another common belief is the "Threefold Law" which says the energy you send out into the world returns thricefold to you...whether positive or negative.



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