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Finding Your Element Quiz

This questionnaire tests for the strengths (and weaknesses) of each of the four elements within the personality. It is a replica from that which Nancy Watson published (in Practical Solitary Magic).

1) Which type of book or movie appeals to you most:

- a. science fiction and horror

- b. humor and satire

- c. romantic drama

- d. adventures and thrillers

2) Which are you most proud of, your

- b. mental clarity

- c. compassion

3) Having status is

- a. not important at all

- d. very important

4) Which occupational category would you select?

- a. design and research

- b. teaching, journalism, business adminstration

- c. social work, psychology, public relations, practical medicine

- d. courtroom law, politics, surgical medicine

5) Which would you rather do with a friend?

- b. discuss ideas

- c. share stories of the past

6) Which is worse, to be told that you

- a. are in a rut

- d. have your head in the clouds

7) Which attract you more?

- a. people who are imaginative

- d. people who are sensible

8) Which do you usually trust more?

- a. your hunches

- d. your experience

9) When under stress, what are you most likely to do?

- a. turn to your imagination

- b. formulate a plan

- c. explore your emotions

- d. take action

10) Which is most distressing to you?

- b. to have you plans go awry

- c. to misinterpret another person's feelings

11) Do you think genius is more likely to be the result of

- a. inspiration

- d. hard work

12) Which bothers you more?

- b. lack of justice

- c. lack of mercy

13) When making important decisions, do you tend to rely more upon

- b. objective analysis

- c. subjective standards

14) Which quotation are you most likely to agree with?

- b. "Justice transcends even friendship"

- c. "My friends are my estate"

15) Which do you value the most?

- a. your personal vision

- b. the realm of ideas

- c. human relationships

- d. the physical world

16) Which statement best expresses you attitude toward time?

- a. the futre is the only thing that really matters

- b. history is important because it explains the present and future

- c. traditions are important and should be maintained.

- d. the present is the most important thing

17) What distresses you more?

- a. being pinned down

- d. being fenced in

18) Are you more likely to be swayed by

- b. logic

- c. an appeal to your emotions

19) Is it worse to be

- b. undiscriminating

- c. too critical

20) Which would you rather do?

- b. discuss issues in detail

- c. agree on issues

21) Which is worse?

- a. to be called a nut

- d. to be ignored

22) Before making an important decision, you

- a. ignore facts and wait for inspiration

- d. carefully consider all the facts of the situation

23) Are you more ruled by

- b. your head

- c. your heart

24) Which statement usually described your attitude about the future?

- a. i am extremely optimistic about the future

- b. i think things will get better in time

- c. the future worries me

- d. the future is irrelevant

25) What is your natural inclination?

- b. to be fair-minded

- c. to be sympathetic

26) If you had great power, how would you use it?

- a. to change the world entirely

- b. to implement important ideas

- c. to help those who suffer

- d. to control your own actions and, if necassary, those of others

27) Which would you prefer to wear?

- a. a costume

- b. a uniform

28) During leisure time, which would your rather do?

- a. dream about the future

- b. read a book

- c. vist a friend

- d. participate in a sport

29) Which do you consider the greater compliment?

- b. to be called cool-headed

- c. to be called warm-hearted

30) Which do you trust more?

- a. your imagination

- d. the evidence of your senses

31) Is it worse to be

- b. too passionate

- too objective

32) Which do you tend to rely upon and trust the most?

- a. inspiration

- d. your skills

33) Which is the more accurate statement?

- a. i am more speculative than realistic

- d. i am more realistic then speculative

34) Which means most to you?

- a. to be different

- b. to maintain a well-ordered lifestyle

- c. to attain emotional unity with others

- d. to be self-sufficient

35) Would you rather

- a. be different

- d. fit in with the group

36) Looking back on the past is

- a. a waste of time

- b. necessary in order to understand the present and future

- c. very pleasurable

- d. morbid

37) Which is most important to you?

- a. developing a personal vision

- b. adhering to your principles

- c. being loyal to loved ones

- d. being a productive member of a team


Scoring - the column that contains the greatest number of marks indicates your primary function/element, this is natural and well developed. The second greatest indicates your secondary function/element and can be as nearly well developed as your primary. The primary and secondary functions are habitually used and relied upon during the first half of the life span. The column with the third greatest number indicates a function/element which will require conscious effort to develop. Until this development occurs, it tends to be unreliable. The fourth column indicated your weakest function/element that tends to be unconscious and very unreliable. Development of thise usually occurs late in life and only with great effort.

Column A: represents the intuitive function and the fire element.

Column B: represents the thinking function and the air element.

Column C: represents the feeling function and the water element.

Column D: represents the sensate function and the earth element.


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Copyright Stephanie Kunder, 2003

Quiz From Nancy B. Watson - Practical Solitary Magic