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Recommended Readings


- Practical Solitary Magic - Nancy B. Watson
Gives the how and why of the material and methods
of solitary magics. Explores the techniques of the
magical planes and dives into oracle divination,
magical incantation, archetypes, elementals and
much more.

- Whispers of the Moon - Harrington & Regula
The life and work of Scott Cunningham, a
philosopher, magician, and modern-day pagan.
An unfinished autobiography, completed and
and expanded by two friends and colleagues.

- Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic - Scott Cunningham

- Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs - Scott Cunningham

- The complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brew - Scott Cunningham


- Living Wicca - Scott Cunningham

- The magical Household - Scott Cunningham

- Llewelyn's Herbal Almanac

- Celtic Myth and Magick - Edain McCoy
Celtic goddesses, gods, heroes and heroines.
Desribes the energyies of over 300 Celtic deities
and heroic figures. Presents guidelines for creating
rituals and spells in accordance with the beliefs of
Celtic Paganism.

Most if not all of these books I myself have in my personal collection. These I highly recommend for any level of wiccan, a must in the home library! I put them under certain levels because I feel that some books should be read and understood before jumping into other, more complicated readings.


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